@ Warren Daugherty Pool parking lot

Starts at 4pm — and it is free!

Walk/ Run Distances (you choose! - distances are not exact)

1.5 mile "stroll to the park" or "extended" = 2.5 miles with a hill

Young Kid Event (in Harrison playground)

The Sugar Rush Challenge Family Fitness & Fun

- this is a timed series of structured activities

- combines running, balancing, shuttling, climbing, throwing, ...

- for kids (under 9?) and helper(s) - "older partner(s)" welcome!

Runcgrun works in conjunction with wonderful volunteers to bring a run/walk event (and young kid option) to the community as a positive family event during the Spring Season.

This event combines a neighborhood run/walk course for the participants followed by ice cream sundaes and a fun raffle.

Round up your family!

It is free of charge!

Runcgrun event proceeds from the Jingle Rush and Gold Rush and sponsorship from Peace Health are invested in you and your family... get there!

text Jim at 541-968-2392 or email jsettel3@yahoo.com

- with questions or suggestions or wisdom!